Bathroom Furniture
Collections 20.20

Product characteristics

The Gloria collection is the one that combines, better than others, the romantic style with the need for modularity and composability of modern environments.

With its reduced depth of the side (37 cm) and with its elements of drawers and baskets in double size, it allows you to install splendid “furnishing objects” even in bathrooms with not generous dimensions.

The basin bases in three lengths (70/90/105 cm) and the 30 cm and 40 cm door or drawer or corner modules allow you to find the right furnishing solution.

Suggested finishes

Bathroom Furniture
Collections 20.20

Since 2009, Eban, one of the first in Italy, has been using products and technologies that reduce the environmental impact associated with the application of paint on furniture. The paints, for finishes in essence or colored for lacquers, always open pore, are water-based, without the emission of harmful substances and bad smells.

A latest generation transparent finish, S-Matt, is used for the shelves and washbasin bases, which guarantees a high degree of resistance to light, scratches, stains, giving a soft, anti-reflective and anti-fingerprint effect. All the products used make the furniture built in wood suitable and safe for its use in the home.

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