An ecological & eco-sustainable choice.
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An ecological & eco-sustainable choice.

Eban bathroom furniture since 1970 celebrates completely Italian tailoring, combining elegance and functionality.

The production, proudly 100% Italian, is made only of wood, a natural and renewable material among the best for its countless physical-mechanical-biological properties.

Furthermore, for company ethics, all the timber comes only from areas subject to controlled reforestation, according to innovative FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) FSC is an international non-profit Ong founded in 1990 in California with the idea of defining a vision for sustainable forest management through a plurality of rigid parameters (environmental, social and economic sustainability to be respected by the consortium companies).

Eban is in the second generation of a family business and wants to know where the wood and all the materials used for the construction of the furniture come from. A cliché has to be dispelled.

Very often the accusation is made that choosing wooden furniture means contributing to deforestation

Quite the opposite: the higher the demand for wood, the higher the number of trees planted And the higher the number of trees present, the lower the rate of pollution or landscape degradation, with significant benefits on human and urban health. Today there is a phenomenon of reforestation in Western countries, where the green area has increased (especially in Europe, the woods expand each year by about 5,000 km2 and almost all the forests are managed precisely to produce wood). Wood renews faster than it needs. Every second 1 cubic meter of wood grows. Forests represent the green gold of the planet, thanks to their ability to filter the greenhouse gas Co2 from the air, store carbon, conserve water and soil, and are active in protecting the climate. Similarly, the use of wood as a building material is effective against climate change.

By purchasing wooden furniture, you contribute to the decrease of CO2 in the atmosphere. How?

Wood is found in nature and therefore only needs light, water and air to grow. During growth, the tree removes CO2 from the atmosphere and stores carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen. Each tree produces an average of 20-30 liters of oxygen per day. As with humans and any other living being, in the growth phase it consumes more and needs more nourishment, consequently young plants produce much more oxygen than old trees. This is why renewing the woods, cutting trees over 30 and planting small ones, helps our planet reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

A living material and forever.
As a rule of purity desired by Eban, the wood used is a Natural material; it does not undergo any chemical treatment and therefore retains all the characteristics that distinguish it, such as small cracks, crevices, knots or color variations that guarantee its authenticity.

Wood is a truly magnificent and fascinating material not only for its unique and inimitable aesthetics, but also for its intrinsic qualities, including antiseptic effects (it does not allow bacteria to nest), antistatic (it does not charge electrically, therefore tends to attract less dust) and hygroscopic (absorbs and releases moisture into the air). Also helping to create a pleasant living climate.

Wood is certainly a very durable material, if it is not attacked by parasites it can withstand hundreds or even thousands of years.

Wooden objects used by the ancient Romans were found practically in their original condition, thanks to a series of circumstances that protected them from the action of external agents.

Even Eban furniture is designed and manufactured so that it can last over time, because the age of things is an added value and not a negative factor.

Discover the 20.20 collections

We want to create living harmony with precious shapes and materials, offer comfort, keep the perceived value unchanged over time. Wood, the Eban material par excellence, is the ideal way: tactile, warm, eco-sustainable, true. It is combined with natural stone, of the highest quality, to enhance beauty and practicality. Collection 20.20 is all this, in the brand new lines, as well as in the classic ones for which the market has known Eban for a long time.