The best award for the effort made is not what you get from it, but what you become thanks to it.

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Eban is aimed at those looking for something special in furniture, something that really emerges and will continue to be admired for many years. They do not need to look further, Eban is the bathroom furniture for them.
What advantages do Eban wooden bathroom furniture offer you?

If you love wood and believe this is the wonderful raw material that should FURNISH YOUR BATHROOM, then you can fill the MOST INTIMATE ENVIRONMENT of your home with pure nature in one fell swoop! Starting with the tenor of the environment, through the different game of 22 colors with tangible veins and brushing that create a unique sensation.

Thanks to Eban, the personal well-being, warmth and intimacy of the bathroom will be enhanced. Only a real wood furniture with water-based finishes can make a significant contribution to this.

We have been living our passion for wood since 1970 and we are of the opinion that no other bathroom furniture made of wood agglomerate can equal our.

Authentic natural wood, with open pores, brings warmth and comfort to the bathroom: absorbs wetness and releases it back into the air when it is too dry. The result is a pleasant atmosphere. By its nature, wood has an antistatic action and does not attract dust.

Each Eban furniture is a unique piece, which is born in our factory and is made by expert carpenters who work manually, respecting the artisan techniques of the Marche region tradition.

At Eban, the traditional knowledge on proper wood processing has been handed down for generations and is the guarantee of the high quality of the products.
The essence of the furniture

Wood in furniture is called essence and, like the homologous term used for perfumes, it distinguishes its peculiarities. The types of wood for processing are different and each one has appearance and characteristics that make it preferable according to the various methods of use.

For this reason, the choice of the best and most suitable essence is the basis of the quality of the product.

In Eban the carefully selected wood meets the Bio manufacturingphilosophy of the company, which starts from the work of the artisans in harmony and respect for nature and for the planet that hosts us.

Bio manufacturing for Eban also means working with passion, dedication and with one obsessive care to create the most beautiful and refined furniture and accessories.

Above all, each product is absolutely unique, just as unique are the people who create it and unique are the wooden boards used to build the bathroom furnishings.

Eban wants to make its collections of unparalleled class available to customers.
Our history

Eban was born as a production reality in 1970, from the entrepreneurial idea of a boy who, in 1952, at the age of twelve began to work wood, a noble, ancient and versatile material. His name was Pietro Ortolani. At the age of thirty Pietro decides to start his own business. At first he realized “harmonic boxes” for the accordion industry of Castelfidardo, world excellence in those years. He moved on to religious articles business, followed by game boxes and household items. Then he started with bathroom furnishing.

The thing that combines this small, great entrepreneurial story remains the living element that still distinguishes Eban today: real wood, the one that comes from the tree.

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Since 1992, Pietro’s son, Tristano, has also contributed to the family business with clear in mind a dream: to transform a carpentry of a few people in a company that made unique, quality and unmistakable products.

Tristano has always wanted a direct and personal relationship with the market, for listen first and then propose bathroom furnishing solutions capable of making everyone’s bathroom “A unique place”, warm and inimitable.

With the aspiration to accompany collaborators and customers on a lifetime journey in this exciting world.

Discover the 20.20 collections

We want to create living harmony with precious shapes and materials, offer comfort, keep the perceived value unchanged over time. Wood, the Eban material par excellence, is the ideal way: tactile, warm, eco-sustainable, true. It is combined with natural stone, of the highest quality, to enhance beauty and practicality. Collection 20.20 is all this, in the brand new lines, as well as in the classic ones for which the market has known Eban for a long time.